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SHINE is a cohesive and satirical look into Yellow Streamers early life. Showcasing a series of short stories that will make you laugh, cry and jive. "Degrading, beautifully wild & full of talent, you'll either hate it or love it, this should be everyone's cup of tea!".

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P.e nO.1

The second book from author Yellow Streamers. A Satirical look on modern travel  and the way our middle class society views it. Every trip has to come from an idea, an idea to leave something behind, an idea to create something new, an idea to change. What does travel mean to you? 

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Unhinged, A self help guide on how to fuck up your life. Is a series of short stories that eventually lead the author to his own sanity through the growth and years of his mid 20's. It's a satire at nature but highlights some confronting issues like suicide, anorexia and alcoholism. Unhinged is the third book from author Yellow Streamers in his series of self published stories based on real life.

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kermes vermilio

Get ready for a wild, fantastical ride full of magic, mystery, and mayhem with Kermes Vermilio by Yellow Streamers. Two millennia ago, a young girl born out of darkness stumbled upon a book and gained the ability to bend reality to her own will. Named Medusa, she was eventually decried as a witch and persecuted. In the 20th century, the Prior family suffered from an unexplainable curse as their descendants always inadvertently ran into misfortune. When a series of murders around the Vermilion River in the early 90s created waves, Detectives Savannah Handorf and Fred Bass investigated the case, leading them to the Prior family.  Now in the present, seventeen-year-old Cassie and her lover Hayden Prior are the only ones capable of standing up against a resurgent Medusa and stopping her from annihilating everything in her path.

Thematically rich and narratively poignant, Kermes Vermilio is a unique piece of work that is well worth a read. Author Yellow Streamers crafts an epic fantastical tale spanning two millennia and featuring multiple POV narratives with characters from different eras to deliver a vivid and visceral world you will immerse yourself in completely. The experimental narrative style with timeline jumps and a plethora of characters may make the story somewhat challenging, but the end result is something beautiful to behold. All the characters serve a purpose, whether to drive the plot forward or support the themes the author delves into. At times, the narrative feels cinematic. If you're looking for something uniquely authentic, I recommend Kermes Vermilio.

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